Young Adult Mentorship

Our young adult mentorship program is designed to further develop their artist/artisan skills and provide guidance on creating income streams through art.  The program provides a sense of stability, employment resources, mentoring/advising, and experience working in a variety of art modalities.  Each mentorship is customized to serve the needs and interests of the individual.  We only work with 1-2 mentees per quarter to ensure they receive individualized attention. 

Participants are also provided with opportunities for networking and employment.  Mentees begin developing income streams through their art modality during the program and complete the program with newfound stability.

Artist Residency Mentorship

The artist mentorship and residency program serves working professional artists/artisans in need of management and consulting resources.  It is designed to provide up and coming artists with a roadmap to success.  We work with mentee to develop a laid out plan—including resources, advising, networking, and artist management.  Artists in residence have access to classroom space to create their own courses in their media of expertise, providing an opportunity for income as well as furthering community enrichment beyond youth.

Additionally, the gallery space available to the resident artists provides a venue for exhibiting their work easily while also introducing their studio methods and practices to prospective clients..  We regularly host and promote art shows for our resident artists  to showcase their work.

TO APPLY: Potential mentees must submit a 2 page proposal of intent with outlined areas of specific interest and desired use of facility as a resident artist.  Proposals should be sent via email to



My time at DT Atelier enabled me to take ownership for my work and, even more importantly, for my life. Completing my mentorship taught me how to see projects through to completion


The mentorship program with DT Atelier helped me get my life back on track and develop my career.  I learned so many skills that weren't taught at CSU Long Beach and am eternally grateful.


Working with DT Atelier gave me back my confidence & empowered me to pursue a career as a welder and fabricator! I'm so grateful to be part of this community and for their mentorship.


The core aspect of DT Atelier is community & that was made clear when I was welcomed with open arms in 2017.  Danny, Ashlinn, & the artisans have been essential in my new found appreciation  for LA & the art that feeds its spirit.


My mentorship is a piece of my life that's truly sacred. It taught me to shape my path to be worth the risk. I’m now going to college full time for engineering and am a honor student. I’m also the president of Colorado STEM. 


DT Atelier is family for me! Their encouragement and guidance inspired me to start AutoArt.Design.  They are one of the driving forces behind my art and motivate me every day.

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